Marta Alves
The pink lemonade

8 years work in the name of beauty!

I was born in 1988 in one of the most beautiful cities, Lisboa. Since early age I was interested in the world of arts, painting and cinema in general. At the age of 6 I began to attend to painting, sculpture and drawing lessons, and then I follow that path. But then I got to high school, where the choice wasn’t difficult to find: Arts.

I’m graduated on IADE with Design, and due to my chronic insatisfaction related to my world of wisdom and exploration, I moved on with the studies. I focused to the fashion business, which I had some previous contact. This time the chosen course was Fashion Production, on ETIC.
Others specialties like Fashion Illustraton on Civec and Analysis of Tendencies and Comprehension of Fashion as a Cultural and Social Factor on IADE too, and some workshops in the Photography area.

I’ve done the Professional Makeup Course with Dulce Monteiro at Atelier VisualMais, where I did also a specialization on Makeup for Brides & Party.
Since then I’ve worked in some fashion productions and runway shows as stylist and makeup artist. This was followed with the definitive entrance to the makeup area through brands like Clarins, Oriflame, L’oréal and Thierry Mugler at first, and then I integrate on the team of Make up for ever in Portugal, for 2 years.

In the current days I work as Makeup artist and photographer for some brands such as Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Opel, Du Clutch, Mimi et Fonfon, for the consultant Neves de Almeida and for Notícias Magazine. Sometimes i also do the Makeup for Lookbooks and Runway of Chewingum and Voke, Portuguese brands. Makeup artist in some actions and demonstrations of Maybelline.

I am collaborator of Sic K , where on the programs Factor K Teen and Factor K Kids I dedicate to the advisement and share of knowledge about makeup and beauty. In each program it’s explored a specific theme and then elaborated an illustrative makeup. I also do participations at “Mais Mulher” program on Sic Mulher.


With love,
The pink lemonade